Thursday, September 28, 2006

chalice (turns sixteen)

4Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.

-Charles Baudelaire


wifey singer said...

HAPPY birthday!


funkefreak said...

This profile picture is for Chalice.

As are these lyrics:

You came out of a dream
Peaches and cream
Lips like strawberry wine
You're sixteen
you're beautiful and you're [fine].
You're all ribbons and curls
Oh what a girl!
Eyes that twinkle and shine
You're sixteen.
Vou're beautiful and you're [fine].

~Ringo Starr

sienna said...

oh my heck. this photo of chali and lyrics are making my morning moments right now quite beauitful.

Damien said...

Can you believe I finally posted a picture? Brae persevered until we got it done just like we wanted it (actually I had given up because Blogger was slow as molasses). I think I can do it on my own now. I'll give it a go tomorrow. By the way, Brae's in Philly to see Sufjan and visit friends. She'll be back Sunday.