Friday, December 08, 2006

I will honor Christmas
in my heart,
and try to keep it

all the year.
Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol


funkefreak said...

where the dickens did you get that quote?

Danny Kaye said...

Hey Damien,

Have you seen the George C. Scott version of Scrooge? He is the BEST ever. His "humbug" side is unbelievably believable. And his "Honor Christmas" side is so drastic it can't possibly be acting. (I mean, I know it is...but you get what I mean.)

By the way, thanks for the Christmas card. I was touched when I got it. I did realize a couple of things though.

One: I had no idea you could fit that many people on one 3 by 5 card!!!

Two: I had no idea that you lived that close to me. Only about 50 miles or so.