Friday, March 27, 2009

I’m looking forward to looking
back on all this.
–Sandra Knell


Sarah H. said...

I feel like that sometimes.

I have a question: Do you always find the quote first and then select an appropriate picture, or do you sometimes have a picture in mind and search for a quote to fit?

Damien said...

i work in both directions. many times i'll be searching for an appropriate image to use with a quotation and i'll happen upon stuff that strikes my fancy, so i'll save it for future use. the last two images posted were found that way.

Brae Howard said...

i just finished a haruki murakami novel called norwegian wood. he's got to be my favorite author. he's a modern japanese existentialist. one of them. you would adore his writing too. you might read some short stories and find some great quotes!he's got a short story collection called 'after the quake.'

Kyrie Howard said...

this quote is running through my head constantly--even before i read it here on your blog.