Thursday, April 23, 2009

All my favorite singers
couldn't sing.
-David Berman


Lowen said...


vincent said...

Uncle D, diggin today's quote.

One of my favorite Berman lines goes a little something like this:

Son says to dad, "Hey Dad, can I borrow the car"/

Dad says, "Sure Son, but you gotta cut your hair"/

Son says, "But Dad, Jesus had long hair"/

Dad Says, "That's right, and Jesus walked everywhere"

Damien said...

i have to give credit to lowen here. he gives me suggestions from time to time and i just lit into this one.

vincent said...

I see. Well, what do you think of the line (father/son dialogue)?

Maybe it's a little something to pull out at smoke shack or the next time you're talking with Pastor Shelton.

Damien said...

me likey