Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Happy Wedding Day
to Kyrie and Eric.
This day my beautiful and precious daughter Kyrie
Anna Ruth will be taken under the strong and loving
wing of Eric Robert Bushaw to have and to hold till
death they do part. May they continue to find great
joy in each other, and deepening satisfaction in their
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his everlasting kingdom
from this day forth. So say we all.


M.K. said...

Congratulations! She's lovely. I have a niece named Kyrie -- I wonder if they are the only two with that name? May this bring added joy to your family.

Mary Kathryn (Marshall's sister)

wifey singer said...

beautiful day! blessings to them!<3

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful event this was. Kyrie looked so elegant and natural. The weather was perfect. The ceremony, setting, lights, music, activities for kids, were all so well thought out. The tables were fun. We had the best group at ours. I adored the father/daughter comes the sun. I was moved beyond belief. Way to go Kyrie and Eric. Happy Marriage! aUNtie M XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO