Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is an ordinary sample of my father's
handwriting on a recycled envelope..  My
mother's penmanship was also quite
beautiful and legible as was probably 90%
of their generation's.  What has happened?


funke/donovan said...

The word processor happened.

My grandmother *only* learned handwriting. She once commented on the neatness of my print writing (which it was before college when fast-lecturing professors turned it into a scrawl) because she had never learned print in her school days (and I have never seen her use it, either).

KateGladstone said...

Some insights on what happened are here, especially at the pages "illegibility: can America write?" and "handwriting rebels" --

Anonymous said...

This beautiful handwriting topic is fantastic! I am in awe of those with gorgeous penmanship. I always print, except my signature, and when I practice cursive writing I feel like I'm writing with my left hand or my foot. I think keyboards are the culprit for stealing lovely handwriting.

kyrie bushaw said...

handwriting is cursive? if so, i can't use it because I suddenly come to halt when i must do a capital Q or G--what is it again? and they never hook together properly.. sad. i'd love to be able write the way grandma does...such class.

Amanda said...

Did you know most schools don't even teach penmanship anymore? I was surprised to find that out. The 'reason' is that the kids will be typing and reading typed documents most of their life, no need for cursive. What a shame.