Monday, October 02, 2006

4Always bear in mind that your own
resolution to succeed is more important
than any other one thing.

-Abraham Lincoln


sienna said...

papa. i really like this one and the picture brings it home. im going to bear this in mind now.

(your date says october 31 by the way)

Happy bIRTHday too wonderful father.. love you. check our blog. leave a comment.

funkefreak said...

wow. is it your birthday, too? all the howards have birthdays almost together?

kyrie said...

it's birthday time!


ps. those crackers look really really yummy!! makes me hungry

Damien said...

Those numbers translate Sept. 28, Sept. 30, Oct. 2 (just so you didn't think they were our ages). I, by the way, am 53 today and was born in '53.

Wing-OHHHH! said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. HOWARD! 53 is a wonderful a 70 year old told me once. :)

funkefreak said...

Does that make this year your Golden birthday? Or does it have a different name. Whatever it is called, I have to wait till I'm 81 for mine...

Hope the hour remaining of your birthday is a doozy!

Or at least fun.

kyrie said...

no heavens no..golden birthdays are the day. ill have mine when im thirty..lots of time to plan. papa's passed 51 years ago. thats more than half a century