Thursday, October 12, 2006

4Anything will give up its secrets
if you love it enough.

-George Washington Carver
This is my all time favorite quotation. It resonates because it contains the promise of discovery (in any realm) from a humble and brilliant man who proved the premise. George Washington Carver eagerly investigated the mysteries of "ordinary" things driven by a deep respect for the Maker of all things. His childlike sense of wonder and fascination with the natural world was accompanied by the dedication of a scientist. Peanut butter was one of about 300 discoveries and applications he developed in his investigation of the peanut. Soybeans, sweet potatoes, and pecans were also the subjects of his perpetual and zealous inquiry. Refusing to seek patents he made his inventions and the developments of his research available to all, willingly sharing what he was convinced God had revealed to him. On his tombstone is written: "He could have added fortune to fame, but caring for neither, he found happiness and honor in being helpful to the world."


sienna said...

oh my gosh. this picture is beautiful.

riverrat said...

Bless G.W.(C)-What would life be like without peanutbutter!

Danny Kaye said...

WOW!!! A commentary from our host! That's awesome. I mean, I love the quotes. But sometimes it's cool to know what hits you about the quotes you post. This was great. I had no idea about any of that stuff regarding Mr. Carver.

And I am with Riverrat. Peanut butter ROCKS!

faith said...

I agree. I always like when Mr. Howard posts commentary, that is why I like reading all the comments because he sometimes explains more. I like listening to all the Howards talk. It is so neat to actually live with some Howards. haha. :) They are all so different than anyone else you will meet, but so amazing. It is beautiful.

Damien said...

Faith, thanks so much for the kind and generous encouragement. My family is blessed to be linked to the Harr family.