Monday, October 16, 2006

4Money can't buy happiness,
but it can provide a more
pleasant form of misery.

-Spike Mulligan


funkefreak said...

My sister and I used to fold our tithe money into little shirts and frogs, etc. until the deacons complained that it took them three times as long to count the money that way.

kyrie said...

did they really complain?? how un-fun of them.

i got a dollar ring for my birthday and only just unfolded it to support my laundry endeavors.

Damien said...

sarah, what is your email? mine is also, could you email us (howards) your address in case we want to send you something?

funkefreak said...

Well, the deacons being my dad and his best friend, it was more of a "roll-your-eyes-here-they-go-again" complaint in good-natured fun.

And I sent the quiver full of arrows an email.