Monday, November 20, 2006

Art evokes the mystery
without which the world
would not exist.

-Rene Magritte


funkefreak said...

...mystery as in "wonder" and "awe" or mystery as in "what were you doing on the night of Friday the 15th at 11:32pm?"

The photo makes me think the latter...maybe it's the sinister eye contact...

Damien said...

I would say both. But the common denominator between art and the world is the creative effort of unfathomable beings. I'm not real sure what Magritte had in mind. But I thought he looked pretty cool in that photo.

funkefreak said...

Art as delight in fuzzying the clarity and art as investigation that unravels the muddle. It's a paradox I like.

In the words of G & S (not S & G): "A paradox, a paradox, an ingenious paradox."