Wednesday, November 22, 2006

-Andy Warhol


funkefreak said...

You probably had no idea, but Andy is one of my favorites.

Damien said...

For some reason I dig the guy too. He's about as lost as can be, but what a talent for graphic punch, and a disarmingly sweet demeanor (if you've ever seen him in a documentary). Funny and sad.

Will you be home for the hollies?
I'd like to extend an official wish of goodwill to the Funkes on behalf of the Howards? May you live forever.

funkefreak said...

I went to see Andy's work in the museum, and a group of (college?) students behind me were explicating all the social and ironic commentary that Warhol had invested in the Marilyn Monroe set. I kind of smiled and thought to myself, "I just like the colors!" I do however have a print of a soup can that someday when I have a kitchen of my own, will hang proudly there. I would never feel guilty about "reproducing" Andy.

And I am, as they say, "home for the holidays."

The Funkes (who, via Sarah's constant chatter feel as if they know the Howards intimately) send all the Howards their Thanksgiving cheer.

God bless.

Kiko and/or Vincent said...

I just tried to post but didn't if you get a double posting just letting you know, its due to the glitch in cyberspace.

Anyways, Warhol is one of my faves. You should read 'the philosophy by andy warhol'. It's an enjoyable read, and even a good potty break book.

Damien said...

Nothing like good reading matter in the old WC.