Monday, November 13, 2006

We do not err because
truth is difficult to see.
It is visible at a glance.
We err because this is
more comfortable.

-Alexander Solzhenitsyn


funkefreak said...

This reminds me of Romans 1:18-20

Jamie said...

I've worked with his soljhenitsin's son... just thought I'd throw that in.

Damien said...

What was your impression of him?

Jamie said...

Quite 'americanized'. He still speaks Russian, but no better than me. Communists might say he has been brainwashed by american bourgeois ideals especially since he conducted Shostakovich's 11th symphony (much of Shostakovich's music was banned in the USSR) here at the Kyiv Philarmonic that I'm working in.

Not a bad conductor... He didn't mention his dad at all. Then again, we didn't really 'chit-chat'.

Damien said...

Very interesting Jamie. Thanks so much for the input and response.