Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I am not a member
of any organized
political party.
I am a Democrat.

-Will Rogers


Lowen said...

Can you unpack that?

funkefreak said...

I think it's self-explanatory.

Will Rogers has a "shrine" in Colorado Springs. Don't know if Trigger has one.

Lowen said...

well, I see two explanations. (1)he could be saying that there is something inherantly chaotic about the democratic party, of which he is a member, or (2) he could be saying that his attatchment to liberal ideals is so intimate that speaking of the party as if it were something rigid and calculating outside of himself would be unatural.

My knee jerk reacion was to interpret it in the latter fashion. However, upon reflection, that seemed a bit dramatic or overly sentimental. The former statement strikes me as a little bit absurd, coming from a democrat.

So which is it. And who is Trigger?

Damien said...

Will Rogers was a very popular "cowboy" humorist about a hundred years ago. He would often poke fun at government and politics and any old thing but always with a twinkle in his eye. Probably his most famous saying is, "I never met a man I didn't like."

The keyword in the quotation I posted is "organized."

Trigger is Roy Rogers' horse.

funkefreak said...

Oh dang. You're right. I always get them mixed up.

But it IS Will Rogers (not Roy) who has a shrine near Colorado Springs...at the foot of the Rockies.